Executive working on presentation at a desk

When pitching to an investor, landing a top-paying client, or strategically impacting your team, you need a presentation that captivates your audience and communicates your big ideas.

Whether you’ve already honed your content and need an engaging design, or you’re stuck in the strategy stage and need a creative solution, Presentation Design Pro offers personalized attention to detail that brings your ideas to life for everyone in the room.


I'm Amy

I’ve been a designer for over 20 years.

My passion is helping brands and businesses create powerful presentations that keep their audience engaged with every slide. I’ve helped executives, start-ups, established businesses, and marketing and ad agencies create beautiful, engaging slide decks that have won big pitches.

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“I’m going to shoot from the hip. . . Amy is awesome. Just hire her. Her work is second to none and I cannot wait to work with her again.”

Mitchell Smolkin
Psychotherapist & Public Speaker

“Her expertise is in designing presentations that not only look stunning but also effectively communicate complex ideas. It is my pleasure to highly recommend her as an exceptional presentation designer.”

Chrissy Wissinger
Psychotherapist & Public Speaker

"Amy’s attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile is second to none"

Jennifer Ironside
Author, Speaker, & Coach

“[She] delivers beyond expectation, every time, regardless of how large or little the project is.”

Margot Algie
Marketing Communications




This is where we chat by zoom or email to solidify your goals, budget, and deadline.


I’ll put together the first few slides of your presentation to confirm the creative direction. This is your chance to give feedback so I can ensure your creative vision is realized. Once approved, I will complete the rest of your slides in the same style. Then I’ll send you the full draft, you’ll send me any feedback and I’ll adjust as needed.


When the project is complete, you will receive a fully-editable presentation that you can adapt as needed. You are now ready to communicate your message and captivate your target audience.


What does a freelance presentation designer do?

A freelance presentation designer is a professional who specializes in creating visually appealing and effective presentations for clients on a project-by-project basis. Our primary role is to transform content, often in the form of text, data, or ideas, into engaging and impactful presentations that communicate the intended message clearly and persuasively.

How long will my project take?

A typical project takes 5-7 days to complete. Faster timelines may be possible. Feel free to reach out to discuss current project estimates and rush rates.

How do I get started?

To get started on your project, I will need:

1. Your presentation content. This can be in Powerpoint, Word, or whatever is easy for you. This should be in its final version for the purpose of the design. However, you will be able to make edits to the content if you need to adapt the presentation for something else.

2. Your logo. This can be in your Powerpoint file or can be sent as a separate .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf, or high-resolution .png with a transparent background.

3. Your brand guide. If you don’t have a brand guide, I will use your website or existing materials to ensure consistency.

4. Your deposit or approved purchase order.

Could you outline the payment process?

I offer a variety of payment options which we can discuss during our initial consult. My online invoicing and payment system makes paying quick and convenient. Most clients choose to pay by credit card. This is typically a 50% deposit to reserve your spot on my calendar, and then 50% at project completion. After the final payment is made, your fully editable final files will be delivered. If needed, I can work with corporate P.O. systems and established A/P processes.