4 Tips to Hire The Right Professional Freelance Designer

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Are you thinking about hiring a professional graphic designer to complete a project for your company? Several agencies and freelancers are up for the job, but there are specific things you need to look for when hiring a professional designer. Let’s go over them to make sure you choose wisely.

1. Testimonials

You’ll want to make sure that the designer you choose to hire has testimonials from previous clients. Read what they have to say about the freelancer and how they work. Look for comments around how long it took them to complete a project, how they communicate, and how they work. It’s helpful for you to read testimonials, so you can ensure the designer aligns with your project and company needs.


In addition to testimonials, any professional designer should have a portfolio. Take a look at their past work to see if their style aligns with what you’re seeking. The best way to have confidence that a designer can achieve the look you require, is if they already have work samples that you would approve for your project.

3. Processes

Does the designer have processes in place when working with clients? Many times, a designer will list the steps that take place when working with them. See how they work and make sure they involve you in the process. A lot of times, if a process isn’t listed, a designer is new and doesn’t know their processes yet, or they don’t involve the client in the design process. This is a red flag because you want to make sure the project is done to your liking and that you will have the opportunity to provide input before the project is complete.

4. Personality

Many designers will start with a discovery call to learn more about you and the details of the project. During this call, pay attention to the designer’s personality. You can tell a lot from a person based on how they interact with you. If you get a weird vibe or don’t feel comfortable with what they’re saying, steer clear. It’s not worth hiring someone out of desperation or a time crunch. A discovery call is meant to figure out if you would work well together. If you don’t believe you will work well with this designer, no worries! Move on to the next until you’re confident and comfortable with a designer.

Now that you know how to hire a professional freelance designer, you’re ready to start booking discovery calls. When researching designers, make sure they have testimonials, a portfolio, processes, and a personality that makes you feel comfortable working with them. You can take a look at my website as an example of what to look for. If you would like to book a discovery call with me, you can do so here.